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and having a good time. . Even though the word death is in their name, nothing can be further than what that band is all about." Three children allegedly abandoned by their dad at a railway station were rescued after a passer by tweeted a photo of them huddled in a corner with a message asking if someone could help.And now police have been praised as heroes after swinging into action minutes after seeing the tweet.Local journalist Abhishek Shukla, 33, had been seeing his parents off at the main station in the Indian capital New Delhi when he spotted the children cuddling each other for warmth as they slept on a platform.(Image: CEN)Concerned about their well being but not having time to speak to them, he took a photo and posted it on Twitter with the message: "Can someone help these helpless kids at New Delhi Railway Station near platform 16 entrance."The tweet quickly went viral and was soon picked up by local police chief Madhur Verma who mobilised his men to go and get them.He said: "When officers arrived they found the children had gone."Worried they may have been kidnapped they began searching the station and stopping passengers."Eventually, after an hour, they were found them hiding on another platform."They were cold, hungry and scared but we soon found out what had happened."According to the children, Rahnuma, 7, Raja, 5, and Sanya, 4, their divorced dad who lives in another state had taken them out for the day but then left them at the station saying their mum would come and get them.Verma said: "When we arrived at the mother's house she was asleep and said she had been working and had not been contacted by her ex husband."As far as she was aware the children were staying with him.AccidentsDistraught parents of 17 month old boy killed outside Ibis Hotel pay tribute to their "perfect son"Jackson Yates was hit by a vehicle in the car park of the hotel after being taken to see In The Night Garden LiveAssisted suicide'They had a big kiss and passed away holding hands': Loving couple, 91, die together in rare double euthanasiaNic and Trees Elderhorst had been happily married for 65 years when they died on June 4 surrounded by their loved onesMissing personsThe text messages from UK Sainsbury's worker that helped save kidnapped four year old US girl 5,000 miles awayHarry Brown, 21, discovered the whereabouts of a missing girl by convincing her estranged dad to let him order pizzaFire'I thought it would be like Grenfell': Teenager's terror as blaze forces family to flee smoke filled tower blockThe teenager said "the first thing that came into my head was London" as smoke filled their tower block and Cheap NFL Jerseys,Buy